ChattyTunes plugin

author: David Corry and Gijs Kruitbosch

Download the new version of ChattyTunes (0.8)!
Install the new version of ChattyTunes (0.8). - NOTE: This method may not work for all users. If it does not, please download the plugin and install by hand.
install FoxyTunes

ChattyTunes is a plugin for ChatZilla, built to control your media player via FoxyTunes. This new version of ChattyTunes has been updated to work completely with FoxyTunes 2! All you need is the latest version of FoxyTunes installed, and you will be ready.

To control your player, you can either use commands, used like any other command, such as "/ctplay", "/ctnext", and "/ctprev" - or you can use the menu. Just open the menu, entitled after your media player's name, and select an option. The menu also displays the current song playing. To share the song that's currently playing with the channel or user you're talking to, simply use the "/np" command.
If these commands don't work, check if ChattyTunes is mentioned in the list shown when using the "/list-plugins" command, and if it is, try doing: "/enable-plugin ChattyTunes".

If you're interested in finding a specific song in your playlist, you can easily search through with ChattyTunes through the Search dialog, or by using the command "/ctplay" and your search terms. ChattyTunes will loop through your playlist and find the next song that matches your search terms.

Search function is not guaranteed to work on every player. If you come up with a problem, please file a bug.

Sharing the song you are playing has become even easier, now that you can easily access the title, artist, and album individually to send a custom message showing the current song. If you want to customize your message just how you want, you can easily use the options dialog to see how you want to share your song. The options dialog features a live preview, showing you exactly how your message will turn out. There are plenty of other preferences to change, too!

What's new in 0.8?
Compatability with 2.0. Cleanup of code, too!

What's new in 0.7.4?
A few backend problems, and the ability to turn on / off the output filters.

What's new in 0.7.3?
ChattyTunes's bugs are all fixed. 0.7.2 accidentally was made from code from 0.7 - so a lot of features were lost. This version fixes all of it, and is [almost] guaranteed to work.

What's new in 0.7.2?
ChattyTunes now has an options dialog to help you create personal formats for your Now Playing messages. It also supports character sets, just like FoxyTunes, so your songs now appear properly in ChattyTunes as well. On a development note, we tidied up a lot of code and make more use of ChatZilla's own extensive library. We also fixed a weird problem with Mozilla preference code. All in all the best release to date!

Anything coming up?
Not much, but we're looking at making the xul dialog localizable. We're always up for suggestions, so if you want anything, file a request for enhancement.

If you find a bug, please file a bug, or contact either Gijs or Toast in the Chatzilla IRC channel.

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