Welcome to project czplugins: a central location for ChatZilla plugin development. Our goal is for this website to be an inclusive home and host to ChatZilla plugins of all types. A place for collaboration, distribution, and education.

This project is managed by David Corry, aka Toast, and John J Foerch, aka RetroJ. You can contact us via email (see "Members" section of this website), via the czplugins newsgroup, or (often) in the ChatZilla IRC channel. We also get help from Gijs Kruitbosch (Gijs on IRC) who is an active plugin developer and helps watch over czplugins.


We use Mozdev's bugzilla system to track and resolve bugs in the plugins hosted here. Please feel welcome to report bugs or to contribute your knowledge to unresolved bugs.

For discussion about this project and the plugins it contains, navigate to our newsgroup, news:// with name and password: mozdev/maduser.

Send questions and comments about project czplugins to the czplugins newsgroup.
For questions or comments about, please visit the mozdev feedback page.
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